Our Values

Our people:

We value the experience and expertise of every member of the Center and actively encourage personal and professional development in a supportive, compassionate setting. We are committed to a diverse environment where differences are understood and respected. We honor the importance of work-life balance for the well being of our personnel.

Our research:

We are dedicated to innovation, creativity, and intellectual rigor in our scientific research. We are committed to conducting our research with integrity, maintaining the highest ethical standards in our work.

Our communities:

Our partner communities are integral to our success; as catalysts for change they make our work effective and sustainable. We place a high value on the critical contributions of these community partners and our work is strengthened by these relationships. In turn, it is our intention that the communities themselves become healthier.

Our collaborators:

We believe that collegiality, collaboration, and respect lead to superior outcomes; therefore, we seek to cultivate an environment both within and outside of Tufts University that embraces different perspectives, nurtures new ideas, and expands our thinking.